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Conquer From Within

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BUILT is a brand motivated by passion and inspired by moto-culture. Fuelled by a common love for creativity, motorcycles and design artistry, founders Max and Callum turned their common interests into a business venture. A pivotal moment For BUILT came after a unique custom bike designed & built by the founders began to garner attention, gaining over a million views online.


BUILT established a like-minded team of talented engineers and creatives, who now work with clients to bring their moto-visions to life. The BUILT HQ invites customers for coffee and a casual chat - from sourcing the right bike, developing the creative concept and bringing a vision to life. The open plan unit showcases their latest builds and a provides a spacious workspace for the busy team. 


The BUILT online shop provides all your essential moto equipment, from parts to stylish apparel. Cultivating a sense of style in the two-wheeled world is paramount for BUILT. With a sound understanding of the moto lifestyle, BUILT offer a bespoke range of apparel for those in pursuit of stylish motorcycling attire. Their unique range of hoodies, hats, T-shirts and caps embrace the free-spirited, moto-living.


At BUILT everyone is welcome - beginners, experts or novice loved ones looking for an extra special gift. Their community is built on the foundations of trust and understanding that motorcycling is a lifestyle, not just a belonging. 

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In Callum's Words

I grew up around bikes – I never a knew a life without them. My Dad ran his own garage, and from a young age I had tools in my hands helping him whenever I could. To me, bikes were a part of my life growing up; and at 15 I built my first bike. The day of my 17th birthday, I got my bike licence. Whether it’s classic cars, race bikes or vintage bikes I’ve always worked to build unique styles, working closely with all my customers to make sure it’s everything they envision.


Having spent the first ten years of my career mastering techniques and being involved in some special projects, starting BUILT was the next step for me, I’ve learnt so much from my years in the workshop, I knew exactly what I wanted from the business and the experience I wanted to give my customers. There are things that really matter to me, like being approachable and unique; I want our business to welcome everyone, not just bike enthusiasts. Over the years, I’ve worked with everyone from partners, friends and amateur bikers and experts on custom builds – and not one has been the same!


I wanted to create a space where everyone feels welcome, where we can have a chat and customers can be involved in the BUILT project from start to finish. My clients have always trusted in my ability and now I want to start building my own identity in the moto-world and keep doing what I love, building bespoke motorbikes.

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In MAX's Words

With what started as hobby, quickly turned into a business venture when Callum and I first built one of our ‘Custom Visions.’ Similarly to Callum, I grew up around bikes – watching my Dad in the workshop from a young age. I wasn’t however, allowed to be quite so hands on with the tools!


Fascinated by the whole thing, and determined to do something which involved bikes, I took some of my own custom sketches to Callum. We took some videos of our first duo-build - which later went viral on YouTube, pretty cool! I knew when Callum and I brought our heads together and started BUILT, it was the right thing to do. As an entrepreneur – I’m always looking for new business ventures, and when my third bike was being designed and built, I saw an opportunity unfold.


For me, it’s so important to build a community, where people can share their moto-passions and we can create custom designs as a team. I talk from experience; all the bikes Callum and I have worked on together, have been life changing for me. Riding a bike isn’t just getting from A to B, it’s about the ride, as a biker I understand the experience and want to see that through from start to finish for all our customers. Whether you’re riding a BUILT bike, or wearing our apparel, we both want to be part of your journey.

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