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More than a motorcycle, BUILT custom designs demonstrate quality craftsmanship and unique artistry with every project. With exceptional attention to detail their distinguished styles set them apart from the rest.


Born from a passion of motorcycles, the owners work on each project as it’s their own. Whether a novice or pro, BUILT endeavours to understand, create, develop and build a bike, for you, and only you. A brand culture built on understanding; the BUILT custom range also includes stylish apparel made for your lifestyle on the road.

BUILT work from the start to materialise your creative vision, nothing should be unachievable. From the outset, the team works to conceptualise, develop and build a bike only your wildest dreams could envision. Our portfolio below showcases some of our favourite custom motorcycles builds. Some of our work has been described as life-changing, - we will leave you to be the judge of that. 

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Project Envy