More than a motorcycle, BUILT custom designs demonstrate quality craftsmanship and unique artistry with every build. With exceptional attention to detail their distinguished styles set them apart from the rest.


Born from a passion of motorcycles, the owners work on each project as it’s their own. Whether a novice or pro, BUILT endeavours to understand, create, develop and build a bike, for you, and only you. A brand culture built on understanding; the BUILT custom range also includes stylish apparel made for your lifestyle on the road.

BUILT work from the start to materialise your creative vision, nothing should be unachievable. From the outset, the team works to conceptualise, develop and build a bike only your wildest dreams could envision. Our portfolio below showcases some of our favourite custom motorcycles builds. Some of our work has been described as life-changing, - we will leave you to be the judge of that. 

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"Envy: A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck."

Project #0001 is a culmination of a boyhood dream and the creative lovechild of BUILT founders, Max & Callum. The base bike being a 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty, purchased from Moore Speed Racing, with ZERO miles to her name, she has undergone quite the transformation.

Project 'Envy' is a true tribute to just how far things can be taken in the Custom Motorcycle Industry, when creative free will is given to those behind the build.

The immediate standout feature for Envy is the bespoke, custom exhaust. Made of individual pie-cut pieces of stainless steel and over 17m of welding(Atomic Welding), if the visual appearance of the pipes doesn't grab your attention, then believe me, the 'audio description' definitely will. Re-routing the exhaust so that it would flow underneath the seat was no straight forward feat, what would usually sit nicely under the seat all needed re-positioning which meant planning and precision placement.  You'll notice Envy has a little black box just in front of the rear wheel..well, this is now home to the battery, ECU, load control module, fuse box, regulator rectifier, o2 sensor delete, resistor packs & wiring loom - luckily, Callum was pretty good at Tetris growing up so fitting all of this into such a small space was achieved.

Next up let's talk about the ride itself, Envy is now sitting on chunky Firestone tyres, wrapped around the stock Bobber Twenty rims. The K-Tech Razr rear suspension keeps Envy firmly planted to the road. The ride height was increased by 1.5inches, subtle but it gave the whole dynamic of the bike a more 'cafe racer' feel, with the bottom lines of the fuel tank running perfectly horizontal to the custom leather stitched seat. The stock front mounted foot controls have been re-positioned to mid-controls which based on the ride style and seating position improves the ride ten-fold, the new controls are by the talented team at Krazy Horse.

Visuals, the route we were taking with this build was to go for something raw and industrial that screamed muscle & power. The fuel tank is a combination of Khaki Green, Gloss & Satin Black, catches the eye but keeps the subtlety required. Drag bars with as little on them as possible thanks to Motogadget, alongside the bar end indicators, kept the minimalist feel going. Kellerman rear lights which are truly only visible when lit, set the rear end off perfectly. The headlight is by Tank Machine and brings the front end to life with its beautiful illumination.

To date, Envy is the ONLY Indian Scout Bobber Twenty globally hosting the M-Unit by Motogadget, the result is a custom motorcycle that has no need for keys, all is run through a phone app which monitors almost everything to do with your ride...don't get any idea's of this being a security issue, Envy is tracked via the app and the alarm system is enough to send anyone running.

Performance wise, alongside the exhaust, Envy has been converted from the stock Belt Driven drive to Chain, not only does this give us further opportunities for increased power output but there's something about a chain driven Indian just sounds right. This matched up with a custom Air Intake system, Power Vision by DynoJet and remapped ECU, provides great power, noise and performance. There are a few pending performance related customisations on the horizon..we'll keep you updated.

So there it is, Project #0001 Envy, an introduction to the world of BUILT CUSTOMS.


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