Kellerman Indicator BL 1000 Bar End Fit Black Tinted Lens

Handlebar indicator BL 1000 Dark black


  • Glass: yellow strongly tinted
  • ECE-tested for front
  • Heavily tinted glass - spectacularly bright
  • Kellermann HighPower LED technology
  • LongLife Protection Guard®, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked
  • High quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 Volt Borders
  • Steering vibration damping function


The BL 1000 Dark brings light into the dark and sets new standards in motorcycle design. Until the time of the flashing, the previously unobtrusive companion acts as a seamless extension of the handlebars. With state-of-the-art high-power LEDs and the specially developed control technology **, a spectacular bright flashing signal is obtained. The newly proportioned housing shape creates a clear line at the end of the handlebar. The BL 1000 Dark liberates the motorcycle visually from its front blinters and unites directional function with steering suppression effect. Combined with the Micro 1000 Dark, it offers a perfect show. The necessary adapters for mounting on all standard handlebars are included in the delivery *.


* UU is a load-independent relay (123.970) or power resistors are necessary to adjust the flashing frequency.

Kellerman Indicator BL 1000 Bar End Fit Black Tinted Lens

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