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Understanding that moto-culture is about self-expression, no customisation project is ever the same, regardless of the size. BUILT works with each customer to enhance and personalise a motorcycle - whether it's self-inspired or a new idea conceptualised by the design team. BUILT welcomes creativity and inspiration - no idea is too big or too small. A process of visualisation and  practicality is discussed with the team to refine end result - sometimes the smallest changes can make big differences. 

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BUILT offers all the essential services customers need to keep their two-wheels ticking over. Ongoing services include general maintenance and regular servicing for your motorcycle. If you have any general questions or queries - the team are on call to help with any problems or mechanical issues. To book your bike in for a service or check-up, please visit our contact page.  

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Bring your bike back to life with a BUILT restoration project. We understand our two-wheeled companions can be a lifetime investment. BUILT works closely with customers to update and restore their current bike; whether it's updating design facets or creating a custom engine - the options are endless. Working on a preloved project allows customers to keep their current model and customise as they please. 

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An entire build from start to finish. From sourcing your dream bike, to working with you on the granular details of the design. Honesty, trust and transparency is paramount. Drawing on experience and creative talent, BUILT work diligently with each customer throughout each stage of the project, offering expert guidance and creative steer. 


BUILT works with handpicked suppliers and stockists; from sourcing the finest Italian leather to custom fabricating exhaust systems. With  exceptional attention to detail, their distinguished styles set them apart from the rest.


BUILT work from the start to materialise your creative vision, nothing should be unachievable. From the outset, the team works to conceptualise, develop and build a bike only your wildest dreams could envision.